Best Practices

What is Digital Signage

When the time comes to finally make your decision, you should make sure that your investment is profitable for you. And by profitable solution we mean a reasonable and flexible one. In terms of cost, a reasonable choice is when you pay only for features and services that you actually need. But, you should also keep in mind that what you will pay today for your Digital Signage solution isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to cost. You should also foresee any future needs that might arise.

Plan For 3-5 Years

Just take a step back before you choose a solution. Make a concrete plan based on your current needs and requirements but beware it might be vital that the solution you choose today be extendable in the future. A choice that is convenient today without considering future needs might cost you more in the long-run. For example, a company has a robust IT department that’s concerned about cloud technology and only needs a small number of screens so they decide on an enterprise/on-premise solution. After a while, the company expands and opens locations/offices throughout the country staffed by tech newbies. It would’ve been easier to have a cloud signage solution with online tech support and standardized equipment, rather than having the IT department physically go to each location, train staff and continually troubleshoot. Another example is: For example, a shop owner sets up a DIY Digital Signage solution using a simple TV and computer setup. After prolonged use, both break down, and the proprietor decides to switch to a subscription-based software solution because of its user-friendly portal, free tech support and cost-effective player.

Do Not Over-Invest

The total solution that you choose depends on the total number of screens, so the cost per unit is a major factor. Do not over-invest but also don’t postpone your purchase because as soon as you apply the preferred solution you will start cutting costs. The return of your investment would include reduced paperwork, an increase in sales, a boost in your team’s productivity or any other benefits as mentioned in above scenarios. So steer clear of of the trap of over-investing and a make choice that fits your needs.

Set It Up Yourself

The last thing you want after you spend your hard-earned money is to end up waiting on whomever is supposed to install the system to make time for you. It might take days until they’re able to get to you and your business. Also try to imagine yourself reading rambling instruction manuals and searching the web for help in order to set it up. You spent a lot of time doing your research, you made a significant investment and now you still don’t have anything up and running and making you money! So why not considering a solution that is easy to set-up and run in just a few minutes. Such a solution must also be easy to use, of course. And make sure any possible re-installment scenario in case of relocation won’t be a problem with this choice.

Balance your needs, make a research, plan for the future but don’t waste your time away endlessly debating the options. Go for it. Digital Signage paves the way to your business growth and the solution that you pick today won’t just reward you tomorrow, but right away. The choice is yours!