PowerPoint for digital signage

PowerPoint for digital signage gives you the freedom to harness quality content already optimized for your screens without worrying about design. It offers organizations across all sectors the ability to communicate effectively, in seconds. Why limit presentation slides to your conference room signage when a wider audience could benefit from the same well-presented and well-thought-out information? And getting your slides on your screens couldn’t be easier. We’ll walk you through it, step by step.

What is the main purpose of PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is one of the most popular software options to create great-looking presentations. Companies, businesses and teams need to communicate their ideas to audiences in an organized fashion that also retains people’s attention. For instance, even a university lecturer can benefit from using this software, to convey main points. When complicated information gets presented succinctly, everyone also gets a quick overview of important ideas.

What is a digital signage presentation?

Basically, you take your presentation and display it on a digital signage screen. Crucially, it means more people see it as you can put it on screens in lobbies, meeting areas, school hallways and anywhere you’ve got foot traffic. Most importantly, this is why you should use PowerPoint for digital signage. More people see digital signage presentations which then means more people pay attention to your message.

In addition, you can set it up quickly and easily. All you need is simple audio-visual equipment, such as a smart TV which doubles as a screen for presentations. Specifically, any TV works great as a presentation TV, without complicated or expensive A/V equipment. You don’t need a PowerPoint projector. What’s more, digital signage software can cost as little as $8/month per screen. Also, it just takes a few clicks to get PowerPoint digital signage up and running on TVs since you just drag and drop PowerPoint files into the signage software.

How do you create digital signage in PowerPoint?

Firstly, you just create a presentation the way you would for simple office or business meetings. Also, if you want to ensure it looks great on screen for digital signage PowerPoint templates provide great designs. Digital signage presentations have to have a slick design. Therefore, any PowerPoint template doubles as an eye-catching digital signage PowerPoint template. However, in order for your presentation to run on a loop, you need to enable kiosk mode.

How do you put PowerPoint in kiosk mode?

Of course, you can’t stand near each screen to click through PowerPoint slides as people pass by. So that’s why you can use kiosk mode, so slides change automatically. Firstly, you can do it through PowerPoint itself. Or you can set how long each slide will display before switching to a new slide through your signage software. Most importantly, this constitutes the easiest way of displaying PowerPoint on digital signage TVs.

Can you use PowerPoint for digital signage content?

Whether you’re a fan or a foe of PowerPoint, you can’t deny the many advantages this presentation software offers you. It makes sure you express your ideas clearly and concisely. It also highlights the importance of visual communication. You can’t have slide after slide of interminable text and expect viewers to retain all that information. Consequently, it practically forces you to focus on the synergy between text and design.

How does this relate to getting great content on your screens? Because what works for presentations works for digital signage. Most importantly, PowerPoint for digital signage essentially ensures that the content displayed on your screen resonates with your target audience. The principles that define great digital signage content also define what makes a presentation slide effective. Therefore, go ahead and trust that PowerPoint for digital signage impacts your target viewer; no extra work required!

PowerPoint as a digital signage design tool

However, what happens if you don’t have ready-to-use PowerPoint slides lying around in your line of work? Restaurants, for example, don’t include PowerPoint in their business arsenal like hospitals and offices do. Does that leave your business at a disadvantage?

Not at all. Even if you’re a presentation software newbie, PowerPoint for digital signage is just a few clicks away. Rely on the software’s eye-catching templates to guide you to an end result that won’t fail to impress when displayed on your screens. Also, you can easily add elements like logos to emphasize your branding. Therefore, using PowerPoint for digital signage in and of itself could quickly become a great content design tool for you. PowerPoint templates for digital signage give you the power to wow viewers with your screens.

Ideas for easy signage content

Firstly, content often already comes “pre-packaged” as presentation slides. Health and safety guidelines, news and event updates and internal communication often get disseminated throughout your organization. Why not put your screens to work and display the content on screen? It’s a great way to grab people’s attention. Especially since fewer and fewer people have the time to wade through their overflowing Inbox. PowerPoint for digital signage gives you the flexibility to communicate important information to the people that need to see it.

Additionally, you can create more specialized PowerPoint presentations that target a specific viewer. If you run a school or university, consider displaying orientation info or promotional content using PowerPoint for digital signage. Do you own a retail store? Throw together a quick presentation showcasing your sales and offers. Simply rely on images more than text to get your message across.

Furthermore, PowerPoint for digital signage also helps those of you who love animations and transitions in your slides. You can preserve all your fancy visual effects and get the same wow factor on screen as well.

Wondering if it’s hard to do? Simply follow our step by step guide below, and you will get PowerPoint presentations on your screen in seconds!

How do you set up PowerPoint on your screens using Yodeck?

With Yodeck, you can show PowerPoint as a presentation if you don’t have any animations or transitions, by uploading it as a document. Or you can preserve animations and transitions by uploading them as a video. Check out our video tutorial to get easy instructions.

Benefits of using PowerPoint as digital signage content

Most importantly, when you use PowerPoint for digital signage you know you will present your content in a visually appealing way. Your presentation software gives you formats and options, like PowerPoint digital signage templates, that ensure your content gets communicated clearly and effectively. Finally, with the right digital signage software, getting your presentation displayed on your screen won’t take more than a few seconds. This way, you target the right viewer with impactful content.