The Affordable Spectrio Alternative

Yodeck offers intuitive features, extreme security and an affordable pricing model
as the top Spectrio alternative for digital signage.

Spectrio alternative


Same great features,
at a super low price!

Get a stellar digital signage solution that won’t break your budget with Yodeck, the professional Spectrio alternative. Also, make sure your message hits the mark and engages your viewers, with our full suite of intuitive content creation features. Easy screen management capabilities and top security features also guarantee your digital signage aligns with your business goals.

Global organizations trust Yodeck for professional and affordable digital signage.

FREE Players with Annual Plans
Unlimited Storage
Advanced SchedulingEnterprise Plan
Works Offline
4K Resolution Support
Support all file formats
Free stock Images
Tag-based Playlists
Playback Reports (Proof of Play)
Custom User Roles
Free Widgets (Apps)50+42
Custom WidgetEnterprise plan
Free Templates (Layouts)
Drag-and-drop layout editing
Player Secure Lockdown
Price / screen per month$7.99$99
Price / screen annually$95.88$1,188

PRO: Pro Plan at $9.99/mo per screen
ENT: Enterprise Plan at $12.99/mo per screen

Please note that all the comparisons mentioned above have been compiled objectively, based on the product information available from Spectrio product brochures/websites.
For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Top 3 reasons why Yodeck is the #1 Spectrio alternative

1. Save $87+ per month,
per screen!

We made it our mission to offer professional digital signage that’s price-accessible to all organizations and businesses. So that’s why you save almost $100 on monthly plans. Also, if you opt for an annual plan, you save $1,000s if you choose Yodeck as your Spectrio alternative. Additionally, you get our complete, pre-configured Player kit for free! Most importantly, we offer top-quality content creation, screen management and security features at a fraction of the cost.


2. Get our hardware
for only $79 with monthly plans

Our Raspberry Pi Player offers extreme security, as well as robustness and reliability. So you know your digital signage hardware meets your expectations, at an affordable price. Also, you save $190/player with Yodeck as your Spectrio alternative. Additionally, you get the complete Player kit, with extra memory, an HDMI cable, a case with heat sink and a power adapter. It also comes pre-configured with your Wi-Fi credentials. Most importantly, it’s easy to set up.

3. One-of-a-kind features

In addition, get unique digital signage features that make our solution a favorite with top businesses around the world. Player lockdown and storage encryption features mean you can also align your digital signage solution with your corporate security strategy. Additionally, with our drag & drop layout editing, you upload and create stunning content in seconds. So you know it’s easy to use!


Choose Yodeck for your Spectrio alternative

Easy to Use Content Features

Choose from thousands of free stock images and videos that make content creation intuitive and impressive. Also, select the perfect screen layout from our free, professionally-designed, industry-specific, and totally customizable templates. You can also edit them and add free widgets like weather forecasts, news tickers and many more. Additionally, upload files with just a few clicks using our drag & drop feature.

Remotely Save, Edit & Display Your Content

Upload your files, such as images, audio, videos and documents, while you’re on the go, through our online, cloud-based platform. Also, we guarantee perfect playback as we support all file formats. Most importantly, edit and display content on all screens, without physically going to each one. Firstly, log in. Then, upload media, assign schedules and edit templates from your PC. Finally, see it on your TVs in seconds!

Extreme Security

Integrate our digital signage solution with your corporate security standards using our enterprise-grade security features. Use functionalities such as SSL, firewall and password policies. Also, rely on our Player encryption and lockdown capabilities. With Yodeck as your Spectrio alternative, you above all know your digital signage deployment and content are safe and secure. So you can have the security you deserve.

Affordable Plans & Hardware

Our extremely affordable pricing meets the needs of all businesses and organizations, no matter their size. Save almost $100 per screen, per month, with Yodeck as your Spectrio alternative. Also, do you have many screens you want to run? We additionally offer special pricing for large deployments. Also, you can check out our features before you subscribe, using our free plan for one-screen accounts.


Set up your digital signage solution quickly and easily, so you can show content and engage viewers in minutes. Also, anyone can configure digital signage hardware using our plug & play solution. Additionally, sign up for an annual plan to get pre-configured, complete Player kits for free!

Remote Support

Our remote-access technical support is there to help you, whether you require step-by-step help, advanced troubleshooting or information about custom features. Want to see what Yodeck is like to make sure it fits your business? Book a demo now with our Customer Success managers!

Our clients love us because we provide a professional, affordable and intuitive digital signage experience.


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