Yodeck Web Player

Roll out the red carpet and get those cameras flashing, Yodeckers, because it’s opening night for our brand new Yodeck Web Player! And we bet it’ll cause hashtag havoc in digital signage circles. Why? Because now, you can transform any device with a browser into a digital signage player without using external hardware. Intrigued? Read on for all the must-know, behind-the-scenes news!

What is the Yodeck Web Player?

Think of the Web Player as one more way of getting Yodeck digital signage on your screens. Specifically, if a device, such as a tablet or PC, has a Chrome-based web browser, including Chrome, Chromium and Edge, then the Web Player can turn it into a Yodeck-powered digital signage screen.

Essentially, the Web Player lets you playback content, without an external Yodeck Player. However, it doesn’t offer the same kind of super-robust, super-reliable enterprise-grade solution you get with our Raspberry Pi Yodeck Player. We have thoroughly tested the RPi Player. Therefore, we guarantee it does a stellar job as a digital signage player. Additionally, our trusty little Raspberry Pi Player provides device management and control – something that the Web Player can’t do.

We created the Web Player because it offers easy, instant setup and deployment. Some of you need that extra “magic” you get from our Raspberry Pi Players. Others won’t. So now the choice is up to you!

How to set up a Yodeck player

What features does it support?

web player

The short answer is the majority of Yodeck’s playback features. Some features, though, like screenshots, require the installation of a Chrome extension. You can download it for free, and so can our Whitelabel Partners. You can also get more details about the Web Player in our documentation. In addition, rest assured that we will keep developing new features for our Web Player. Just like we’ll keep evolving our Raspberry Pi Players.

Also, the Web Player still works if there’s an internet outage. Therefore, you get the same kind of consistent playback offered by our RPi Players. Of course, it, too, supports emergency alerts.

However, some of our features, such as storage encryption, won’t work with the Web Player. Therefore, if you need robust security, we recommend you choose our Raspberry Pi Player.

Try out the Web Player for free!

At this time, we released the Web Player as a Beta feature in the Portal. So please tell us what you like about it, along with any feedback! We also have more good news…………

You can try out as many Web Player screens as you want, free of charge, until January 13, 2022!

Try it for free now!

Release Notes

New features

  • We proudly present our brand new Web Player! Think of it as a way of turning devices with Chrome-based web browsers into Yodeck-powered digital signage screens.
  • You’ll find lots of new screen layout templates available across all industries! And keep an eye out, as we will add more!


  • Now, we automatically mute other audio sources when you activate the background audio option so as to avoid utter auditory chaos!
  • Also, when you add a new element to a screen layout, such as a clock app, and then change the color, the Player will reload only that new element, and not all the content. Therefore, you won’t see a black screen after you push new changes to your Players.
  • We updated the toggle buttons with the new design to make it easier to use.
  • Also, the Weather app now supports Danish.

Bugs fixed

  • Previously, when you searched for a specific app and there were no results, all the apps appeared. Now, no results appear to make it clear.
  • There was an issue with SSO (Single Sign On) on logout if you were using OKTA SSO. We had to change a few code lines to ensure OKTA’s logout process is handled properly by our system.
  • The Portal wasn’t able to pinpoint the correct Latitude/Longitude for screen locations, and displayed an incorrect geolocation. It works now!