June software release notes

Release Notes

New features

  • Canva Export App: Yodeck users can effortlessly transfer media from Canva to Yodeck or vice versa. The new Yodeck App in Canva streamlines the process from creating a design to updating screen content.
  • Team Celebrations App: Celebrate your team’s special moments with the Team Celebrations app. Easily display birthdays, work anniversaries, and welcome messages for new employees on your digital screens. Similar to the Birthday Notification App, you can add a CSV file with your employees’ birthdates and start dates. Your player will display happy wishes on the relevant dates, remaining invisible on days without celebrations.


  • Add Media/Apps to Playlist(s) part 2: When you upload or edit media or apps, you can instantly add them to playlist(s), using the new “Save and Add to Playlist” button.
  • Yodeck for Tizen (out of Beta): With an improved update mechanism and some minor fixes, Yodeck for Tizen has come out of Beta, allowing you to manage your Tizen devices confidently.
  • Yodeck for Windows (out of Beta): The latest improvements in the Yodeck Windows Player App enhance the update mechanism and ensure compatibility with the latest Windows updates. You can now confidently manage your Windows devices with improved performance.
  • Calendar Events Feed App: Event names will now auto-fit on event cards, allowing you to see the full meeting title at a glance.