Android-based digital signage vs Yodeck

Android is probably the No.1 Platform for Digital Signage. So why did we use the Raspberry Pi?

For our customers

Anyone can build a Yodeck Player by themselves. The Raspberry Pi is exactly the same all over the world. No need to look for compatible hardware, or missing out on features due to incompatibilities between Android devices.

Android Signage platforms leave it up to their users to search and find the hardware, forcing them to deal with more than one supplier for their signage needs. Customers can buy a Yodeck Player from us directly. Not only that, but we ship ready-to-use Yodeck Players from the US and EU, serving customers in these regions without the burden of going through customs. We ship internationally too!

The cost is so low, we can actually provide it for free with an Annual subscription to Yodeck, for all your screens! You won’t find any other Digital Signage service doing that. Let alone Android-based ones.

For our partners

Easy to try out, just get a Pi 3 for $35 at a near-by electronics store. With Android, they need expensive devices, or they can’t try out all the features.

Easy to finance the hardware, to perform pilot installations to skeptical customers. Android Players cost more.

We get our Partners the same low rates we have for hardware, if they decide to buy from our EU or US vendor. Android platform will have you searching quotes.

No need to stock hardware. You can order locally as many units as you need, when you need them. With specialized Android hardware, you will have to retain stock.

Android hardware products have short life-cycles. You will end up with a variety of models out there, each with its own quirks. With Raspberry Pi, the platform is one, and products have a long life-cycle.

Yodeck for everyone

With more than 8 million units sold worldwide, the Raspberry Pi is an established hardware platform, market-proven, with a long life-cycle.

Board reliability is superb, making it ideal for mass deployments. Only expensive Android boxes of over $150 offer similar reliability.

Hardware features that are usually not available through Android

  • HDMI-CEC support, giving you the ability to turn screens on and off, even detecting if the HDMI cable is connected and if the TV is on
  • Hardware Watchdog, which will automatically trigger a system reset even if the whole system is frozen
  • Tens of GPIO pins, enabling you integrate with motion sensors, relays and other hardware (we have users interfacing Yodeck with elevator controllers!)