Digital Signage for nonprofit organizations

Friends! Definitely friends. Or at least that’s what we pride ourselves on achieving here at Yodeck.

Nonprofit organizations do so much, on an extremely limited budget. And we know how important it is to charities to spend donations directly on what really matters: the cause they’re championing. Marketing seems like a bit of a luxury in comparison. But it’s not.

Just consider the following: a recent case study about nonprofit organizations showed digital marketing spurred 49% of donations. While only making up 5% of the media campaign. That’s a huge return on investment. Making it very affordable. Of course I can hear all you fundraising experts arguing that Facebook and Twitter ads work just fine. And they do. But why not add the people-reaching and attention-grabbing power of a digital signage solution? Too expensive, you say? Too complicated? Or too high-tech?

Absolutely not. And digital signage could be a perfect marketing match for nonprofit organizations.

Digital signage attracts donors who might not even know you exist

Put a digital signage screen in a high-traffic location and you’ve got potential benefactors streaming past you and the vitally important cause you’re fighting for throughout the day. Showcase your catchy media campaigns. Feature footage from the latest fundraising event. Or just focus on simple stats that highlight the impact you make. And people will pay attention. People who didn’t realize what you do, why and how your amazing volunteers make your community a kinder place. People who might turn those few viewing seconds into a monthly donation or a permanent fundraising partnership.

Digital signage brings you to the world you live in, no click-through effort required. And sure nonprofit organizations could pay the big bucks for flashy screen rental space in your local mall or sports venue. But why not partner with your local independent grocery store, bank branch or school and set up your digital signage system there, co-op style? Or simply install it in your office storefront. You get guaranteed visibility while affordability reigns. With Facebook posts only reaching 1% – 6% of followers, you can’t just depend on social media anymore. And you’ll need all the help you can get.

It works for nonprofit organizations 24/7

Your number one priority is getting your message across, right? But what if you don’t have the right staff on-site to deliver your fundraising spiel when interested volunteers or potential corporate donors come calling? Full-time specialized staff isn’t always an affordable option.

Set up a digital signage screen that plays the nonprofit equivalent of a sports highlight reel. It means there’s no need to wait for your public relations manager to walk through the door. Because you’re already providing all-important facts and figures which could translate into instant fundraising and donations.

And consider this. Volunteers and corporate social responsibility managers walk by digital signage screens all the time. Screens are up and running at fairs and conferences. They’re even located on people’s way to work or where they do their shopping. Wouldn’t it be great to grab their attention by simple serendipity? It’s much more affordable than buying radio or TV airtime.

And don’t sell digital signage systems short where community outreach is concerned. Do you provide vital information about local homeless shelters, helplines or food banks? Digital signage could very well offer people in need life-saving options.

Digital signage makes money for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit organizations rely on donors and fundraising campaigns. But what if you could add to your revenue sources? Think about it. You invested in an affordable digital signage system and set it up on your own premises or struck a partnership with a local business for installation space. How about selling advertising time on your digital signage system to other charities or like-minded businesses? Not only do you lend a helping hand to fellow cause-crusaders, but it could give socially-responsible products that fly under the radar that extra bit of publicity they need to succeed. It’s a win-win for all.

Digital signage for nonprofit organizations is both affordable and user-friendly

This is the crux of the matter: can nonprofit organizations afford digital signage systems? And are they easy to use? The down-and-dirty answers are definitely affordable, and extremely easy.

Look, you don’t need fancy-pants video walls and state-of-the-art displays. And when it comes to the digital signage content management system and playbox, companies like Yodeck have got your back. Yodeck’s online platform is perma-free for one screen. Plus our completely reliable, Raspberry Pi-powered plug-and-play hardware is one of the most affordable you’ll find. And don’t worry about needing to be a tech whiz when it comes to the software. If you use a computer or smartphone, it’ll come naturally. And what you can do with content will blow your mind.

An added bonus?

Here at Yodeck we offer nonprofit organizations a discount to make sure our services are extra affordable. Because everyone needs a helping hand. Just contact us for more information.

Nonprofit organizations compete for cash and attention with every hard-earned click and page view. Make your life in the nonprofit fundraising grind easier. Simply get a super affordable digital signage system to help your cause. You won’t regret it.