Pi Day

This Tuesday, 3/14 (March, 14th), we are all celebrating Pi Day and we want you all to join us! And there is a good reason, too!

What is the Pi Day?

Every year, on March 14th, geeks around the world gather together to pay tribute to the most beloved of all transcendental numbers, the “π”. The date was not chosen by chance. With an approximation of 3.14, “π” is the most famous of all universal constants.

Since the Raspberry Pi was released, hackers and tinkers included the Raspberry Pi in their celebrations. And why shouldn’t they? The Raspberry Pi is as geeky as “π” itself. Here, at Yodeck Central, we’ve got a lot of geeks (sorry guys 🙂 ) who wanted us to do something special for this “special day”.

And we did!

Pi Day Discounts

On Pi Day, starting at 3:14am (GMT) and for 3.14 days, we will provide you with a special discount for your purchases.
So, here’s how it goes:

Purchase a Playbox

$69.90 per unit (instead of $79) + shipping.
That’s probably the cheapest Raspberry Pi 3 complete bundle that you can find online!

Subscribe for a New Annual Plan

$89.90 per Monitor (instead of $95.88).
The price is valid for the 1st year of subscription.

How you can get the discount

In four easy steps!

Step 1

Sign Up for a new Yodeck Account, or Sign In if you already have one.

Step 2

Go to the Subscription section from the top-right dropdown menu and click “Upgrade Subscription”.

Step 3

Proceed with the purchasing steps and in the last step, in the “Other information regarding this order” field, type in the following text:

Step 4

You will be refunded the amount of the discount, right after your purchase!

Something to keep in mind

The discounts are only valid between 3/14/2017 at 03:14 am (GMT) and 3/17/2017 at 6:35 am (GMT) !
So, don’t miss out!

Happy Pi Day !!