NEC, Raspberry Pi and Yodeck

What do NEC, Raspberry Pi and Yodeck have in common? Don’t worry, this is not a difficult one.

“Innovators in our respective fields” is one answer we hope you might come up with.

We may not be the Holy Trinity of digital signage just yet, but we do like to see ourselves – along with the first two – as three major players in the digital signage arena. More than that, however, all three together can make up one of the best complete digital signage solutions on the market.

Yodeck becomes an official NEC partner

Why? Because hot on the heels of the recent release of NEC’s first Raspberry Pi displays (P and V Series), we’re happy to share that Yodeck is now an official NEC partner vendor! Now, whoever said three’s a crowd?

Being added to NEC’s USA list (European is coming soon) has upped the game for us. In fact, it has done so for digital signage solutions in general. And in our humble view, there’s never been a better time to be excited about digital signage. And Yodeck.

The reason is simple. NEC’s decision to produce the P and V series adds a new level of display intelligence to those screens. It also vindicates our strategy of basing our solution around Raspberry Pi.

Advantages of new NEC-Raspberry Pi compatible displays:

Ultra-customization – support of NEC Open Modular intelligence (OMi) platform enables the creation of more complex, tailor-made solutions for digital signage.

Flexibility – modular expansion feature means the displays are future-ready. Businesses have the flexibility to upgrade the power of the displays at any time.

True integration – Scalable computing power such as Raspberry Pi compute modules or Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) Slot-in PCs can be embedded into the displays to create a fully integrated solution.

Great hardware needs great software

Great news. But, just as with great power comes great responsibility, powerful hardware needs exceptional software. That’s where we come in. We can put the juicy meat on the bones of the strong skeleton created by NEC and Raspberry Pi’s exciting products.

What makes Yodeck the best choice? That’s an easy one. Because the Yodeck Player is based on Raspberry Pi, it takes advantage of the platform’s power to deliver a great playback experience to any custom layout.

Oh yes, and a whole host of other reasons. Hardware is included, all Pi-targeted peripherals work out-of-the-box, and we offer GPU-accelerated Playback. Last but not least, Yodeck brings a host of innovative features which simply make content management easier.

The future is bright

There’s plenty of hype about the NEC-Raspberry Pi collaboration. And rightly so. These are exciting times in a new era of digital signage. Businesses of all shapes and sizes, and in widely differing industries, now have virtually limitless possibilities.

And wherever we can, we continue to try and surpass those limits, adding more features to enrich our platform. Because in this way, our partners and customers achieve more added value and return from their investments.

So, here’s to continuously raising the standard bar for digital signage!