This Earth Day, it’s time to Screen-Up for the planet!

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Screen-Up for the planet

This Earth Day, Screen-Up to benefit your business, and the environment.

Instantly transform how you communicate.

This Earth Day, consider environmentally-friendly digital signage instead of paper-based comms.

More than 100,000 businesses around the world have Screened-Up with Yodeck to upgrade how they communicate with their most important audiences.


The number of trees felled every single day to meet global paper consumption needs.


The average company uses over 10,000 sheets of paper each year.


Yodeck has helped businesses around the globe save over 5,000 trees so far.


And moving forward, Yodeck is set to help teams save over 2,000 trees each year.

Digital Signage Solutions

Whatever your industry, Yodeck’s digital signage software can transform the way you deliver content. All while keeping trees planted firmly in the ground.


From Paper to Pixels

Hear from our in-house experts about all-things digital signage and sustainability. Learn more about how to make the sustainable transition to digital screens.

SCREEN-UP with Yodeck

Ready to join the cause? Rally your crew and get to work building better, more modern ways of working that are good for your business, and good for the planet.