Android Tablet Media Player

To set up an Android player on a tablet, ensure your device operates on Android software with a system version of Android 5 or higher.

  1. To download the Yodeck APK (Android Package Kit), open your web browser and navigate to the URL
  2. Launch the APK and select ‘Install‘. This will install the ‘SignageOS‘ app on your tablet.
  3. Open the ‘SignageOS‘ app, and your registration code will be visible.

Register your Player to your Yodeck Account

  1. Log into Yodeck and click the ‘Monitors‘ tab.
  2. Add a New Monitor and select the Android player option.
  3. Provide a ‘Name‘ for the monitor.
  4. Add your registration code.
  5. Click ‘Save‘, and your new player will be registered to your Yodeck account.
  6. Assign content to the player and click ‘Push To Players‘ to see the content on the screen.