The Professional & Affordable
Screencloud Alternative

Yodeck offers intuitive features, extreme security and an affordable pricing model
as the top ScreenCloud alternative for digital signage.


Pay less, get more!

Pay less and get all the advantages of a professional digital signage solution with Yodeck, the Screencloud alternative that will become your first choice. Create and display digital signage content that makes an impact, in seconds, while you’re on the go. Also, we provide options that meet everyone’s needs, from small businesses to multinational organizations.

Global organizations trust us because Yodeck is intuitive, professional and affordable.

FREE Players with Annual Plans
Unlimited Storage
Advanced Scheduling
Works Offline
4K Resolution Support
Support all file formatsNo audio files
Free Stock Images
Tag-based Playlists
Playback Reports (Proof of Play)
Custom User Roles
Free Widgets (Apps)
Custom Widget
Free Templates (Layouts)Not Editable
Drag-and-drop layout editing
Player Secure Lockdown
Price / screen per month$7.99$72 for 3 screens
Price / screen annually$95.88$720 for 3 screens

Disclaimer: Yodeck and its products and services are not authorized by, endorsed by, sponsored by or in any way connected to Screencloud, Inc. All references to Screencloud are for purposes of comparative advertising only and the Screencloud trademarks remain the exclusive property of Screencloud, Inc.

Save $192 / year per screen with Yodeck’s perma-low pricing!

Top 3 reasons why Yodeck is the #1 Screencloud alternative

1. Intuitive content-creation features

Your digital signage is only as good as the content displayed on your screens. That’s why our features help you create content, in seconds, that engages viewers and looks polished and professional. Choose from our free stock images and videos. Also, add useful widgets that make it a breeze to display news feeds, weather updates or popular data dashboards. Additionally, you can just drag and drop files from your PC into our platform, for easy uploading.

content displayed on your screens
screen layout templates

2. Free industry-specific screen layout templates

Make sure your screen layouts maximize your message using our professionally-designed templates. So you know your business stands out, no matter what industry you’re in. Also, you can fully customize our layout templates with your own media, to spotlight your branding. Yodeck provides a Screencloud alternative that makes your digital signage a key part of your business strategy.

3. Extreme security at an affordable price

We offer enterprise-grade security standards, such as firewall and password policies, SSL, and Player lockdown and storage encryption features. Security is also as important to us as it is to you, and our digital signage solution doesn’t make any compromises. With Yodeck, you also know your digital signage deployment meets your corporate security protocols.

Signage in the workplace

Choose Yodeck for your Screencloud alternative

Easy to Use

With free stock image and video galleries, and free screen layout templates and widgets, anyone can create attention-grabbing content in seconds. Also, our drag & drop feature means you can upload all your own files with just a few clicks.

Remotely Upload & Display Any Content

Upload any image, audio or video format and know playback will be seamless. Also, use Word, PowerPoint and PDF files you already created to streamline your content design process. Additionally, upload, edit and display content on all screens, remotely, from your PC, using our online platform. You don’t have to physically go to each screen.

Extreme Security

Enjoy enterprise-grade security, including SSL, firewall and password policies as well as Player encryption and lockdown features. With Yodeck as a Screencloud alternative, you also know your digital signage meets your security requirements.

Affordable Price

With Yodeck, you save $16 per screen, every month. Also, our extremely affordable and totally scalable pricing model meets the needs of all businesses. Additionally, you can check out our features before you purchase, using our free plan for one screen.


Set up your screens and show content, without any tech expertise required. Make your deployment even easier with our free, pre-configured, complete Player kits, if you opt for an annual plan.

Remote Support

Our remote-access tech support means you get help, hassle-free, with all plans. Want to see if our features fit your use case? Just book a demo!

Our clients love us because we provide a professional, affordable and easy-to-use digital signage experience.