This Earth Day, it’s time to Screen-Up for the planet!

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Upload YouTube & Vimeo Videos

Yodeck digital signage allows you to effortlessly showcase YouTube and Vimeo videos on screen with a straightforward copy and paste of the video’s URL!

  1. Navigate to the ‘Media‘ tab and then choose ‘Videos‘.
  2. Click ‘Add video’, and select ‘YouTube’ or ‘Vimeo’.
  3. Just copy and paste the URL into the designated box, then click ‘Add‘.
  4. Provide a name for the video, and if desired, include an optional description and tags.
  5. To ensure that the video file doesn’t expire, make sure to keep both the ‘Forever‘ and ‘Always‘ options selected. Alternatively, set an expiration date if needed; the video won’t be displayed after this date.
  6. Toggle on ‘Rotate video‘ to adjust the orientation of the video.
  7. To crop the video, toggle on ‘Crop video‘, and then adjust the crop for the top, bottom, left, and right as needed.
  8. Click  ‘Save’, and the video will be ready to use.