DIY Yodeck Player

Once you have created your own Yodeck player, you need to register it to your Yodeck account.

  1. To register your player, ensure it is connected to your screen using an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable should be plugged into the left port of your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Ensure you are connected to the internet through an ethernet cable.
  3. Next, power on your player by connecting the power supply.
  4. Upon powering on the player, after a few minutes, you will see an eight-digit number displayed on your screen. This is your player’s registration code.
  5. Now, log in to your Yodeck account and click on the monitor you wish to register. If you haven’t created a monitor entry yet, click ‘Add Monitor‘, and choose the Yodeck player.
  6. Provide a ‘Name‘ for your monitor, and enter the registration code.
  7. Click ‘Save‘, and your player will be registered to your account, allowing you to start displaying content in no time!