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Between April 2020 and June 2020, we will be migrating all Yodeck infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.


If you are using a firewall and are using IP Address rules for your Yodeck Players, you will need to update your firewall configuration! Please contact us through the in-app contact form for further instructions!

Schedule of the Migration

This project will progressively migrate our 3 cloud environments:

  • Our testing environment, which we use for lab testing only. ETA: May 1st.
  • Our beta environment, on which we have actual users and customers (given their approval of course). ETA: May 11th.
  • Our production environment, on which the vast majority of users work on. ETA: June 1st.

Reason for Migrating

Currently, we have been using a mix of cloud providers, including Amazon, Azure and DigitalOcean. We decided to consolidate all of our infrastructure to Amazon AWS for the following reasons.

  • Amazon is the No.1 Cloud Provider in the world. This ensures our customers will get top-notch security and reliability, as our infrastructure grows.
  • Consolidating our infrastructure will make it easier to manage. Most security issues come from wrong configuration. Having all components in our place ensures that there will be less room for human error.
  • AWS has datacenters all over the world. This migration will allow us to easily deploy Yodeck infrastructure in multiple regions.
  • AWS provides high-end security features, like Virtual Private Clouds, the Key Management Service, transparent encryption at rest, and many more security goodies that strengthen our platform.
  • AWS resources are much more predictable and reliable than those of other providers. This means less downtime and best possible performance.

Downtime Expected

Yodeck Players will not be affected in any way. Keep in mind that if you made changes to your network firewall when you installed Yodeck, you might need to update this configuration. Reach out for more information and help.

For the Yodeck management portal, we are not expecting extensive downtime. We will schedule the switchover to AWS to take place on a Sunday around 09:00-UTC. Maximum downtime expected is 5 hours. We will be notifying all users through an in-app message at least 4 days before the switch.

Have Any Questions?

Reach out to us and we will provide you with all the answers you need!

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