Display any social media and hashtag wall on TV

Strengthen social proof and get more customer reviews when you display a social media or hashtag wall on your signage screens. Promote your sales and get more followers or cover live events for real-time updates.

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Why display a hashtag wall on screen?

  • Firstly, displaying comments and reviews using a hashtag wall shows new customers or visitors that your business offers quality products and services. Therefore, this social proof immediately gives your reputation a boost.
  • You can also advertise upcoming sales or promotions, in-store and on-site, using videos and images you already posted on social media. So in this way, your content reaches a wider audience.
  • Displaying content from your social media or hashtag wall on signage screens offers a quick and easy way to encourage new customers to leave their own reviews. So you can instantly generate more social proof.

Ways you can use social media
& hashtag walls on TVs

Promote sales and products
using content you already posted

Showcase the sales and promotions that appeal to customers without creating new content. Just display your social media and hashtag wall on your signage screens. Save time by using content on different marketing channels.

Connect with customers and reach a wider audience

Boost your sales reach by displaying your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook hashtag wall on your social media displays. This helps new customers connect with you and also increases brand awareness.

Show five-star reviews and establish trust with customers

Create a great first impression when a new customer walks through the door by displaying positive reviews and comments. Firstly, it elevates your reputation. Also, it makes new customers more likely to trust you and your services.

Generate more customer reviews

Once customers see you have a strong social media presence, they will want to join the conversation and leave their own reviews. Most importantly, this gives your business invaluable customer-generated content.

Display useful information

Show information about local attractions or useful info such as weather updates and current events. Also, use your digital signage social media and hashtag wall to offer exclusive discounts.

Show live events feeds

Use your TVs to display social media and hashtag wall for events feeds. It offers viewers up-to-the minute coverage and also encourages them to participate in the discussion.

Benefits of displaying your hashtag wall on TVs

  • Boost brand awareness
    Show new customers and visitors that you have a community of loyal clients that trust your business.
  • Get more customer reviews
    When people see your social media and hashtag wall on your signage screens, it inspires them to leave their own reviews.
  • Engage your customers
    Images and videos attract shoppers’ attention immediately. Displaying content you already use for social media and your hashtag wall helps you save time.
  • Display your hashtag wall in seconds
    It only takes a few clicks to get your social media or live hashtag wall on signage screens. Also, all our social widgets are free for all users.
  • Get more followers
    Show people who are new to your business that your social media extends the customer experience you provide, beyond your store or venue.
  • Create a hashtag wall using content from all social media accounts
    Combine your carefully curated social media content to create a unique wall specifically for your digital signage screens.

Free digital signage widgets
for hashtag walls on TVs

Our free widgets help you get social media content on your signage screens in seconds. Also, add
them to our free, professionally-designed screen layout templates!

Added-value resources for displaying a hashtag wall

  • Check out our latest social media widgets! Use content from Facebook as well as Instagram, in just a few clicks.
  • Combine posts from many different social media accounts to create a hashtag wall specifically for your signage screens.

Why Yodeck

Easy to Use

User-friendly drag & drop features make it quick and easy for teams to create visually engaging content. No tech-savvy required! You’re done in a few clicks, when you use our free screen layout templates and widgets. Also, add your hashtag walls and social media content in seconds!

Affordable Price

Take advantage of an extremely affordable pricing model with free, complete Yodeck Player kits for annual plans. Also, if you plan on deploying a large number of screens, please contact us for special pricing.

Remote screen management

Upload, edit and display content from your smartphone or laptop, no matter where you are. No need to physically update each digital signage screen.


Get your Players pre-configured with your WiFi credentials by us, at no extra cost, for easy and successful digital signage deployment.

Free widgets and templates

Use free, professionally-designed widgets and templates that make content creation easy and fun. Yodeck offers layouts designed specifically for each industry.

Remote Support

Get hassle-free troubleshooting with Yodeck’s free remote-access tech support. Also, we cover all plans, even free accounts!