Create a TimeSync Widget

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Before you start following the below guide, please reach out to our support ( ) and let us know about your project. We have created a new way to sync the content across screens!

First, create a Synchronization Custom widget under the widgets section.

a. Go to the Widgets section and click “Add Widget”.
b. Click manage and then click Create under the Custom Widgets Section.
c. Fill out the name, the description, and the icon according to your preference.
d. Under New ZIP file, download and add this file:
Note: Do not unzip the file; add it as-is.
e. Under the UI Configuration, inside the { } copy and paste the below schema.

Here you can find an example resulting from the above steps:

Finally, click “ Save ” to save your Custom Widget.

Congratulations! You have created a new Custom Widget, and it is ready to use.
You can find it under the Widgets section.

2. As a next step, create a TimeSync widget under the widgets section.
a. Go to the Widgets section and click “Add Widget”.
b. Click the new custom widget that you have created. (Synchronizer Widget)

This widget duration must be equal or greater than the sum of the duration of ALL the available videos in the playlist that you want to create.

For this example, 4 videos are used.

The first three videos last 30 seconds each, and the fourth lasts 5 seconds, so the total duration of this widget must be 95 seconds and above.

Note: If your playlist isn’t syncing with the above configuration, add 4 or 5 extra seconds to the widget’s total duration.

Click “ Save ” to save your TimeSync widget.

3 .  Finally, create a playlist, and at the end of the playlist, enter the widget you have created. The widget’s duration should be set to 3600 seconds and above.

Click “ Save ” to save your playlist.

Avoid Having White Screen

Follow the steps below to avoid having a white screen occurring in the following way: images synced, blank white screen, images synced, blank white screen, etc.

  1. Go to the Layout editor and add the last image from your Time Sync Playlist to the Show editor. Then, adjust the order in the Layering settings and place the image at the bottom of the Layering order.
    If you have a video, you can take the last frame and add it as an image or add another image.
  2. Enable the “Allow Transparency” option to the playlist with the Time Sync widget.
  3. Click the Save and then Push to players buttons.

If you execute the above configuration, when the sync widget starts syncing, the photo you add below the Time Sync Playlist will cover the white screen, and you will not get a blank white screen.

This is just a temporary solution. We intend to add a new automated version of the Time Sync Widget in a future update.

Click ” Save ” and ” Push to players “.