Configuring your WiFi network by using the WiFi wizard

Video Tutorial

Detailed procedure

The long-awaited easy WiFi Installation Wizard is here! You can quickly connect your player to your WiFi network by easily plugging a keyboard into one of the Player’s USB ports (any USB port will do) and following a few simple steps.

Bear in mind that you will have at least 2 minutes to type the credentials correctly. After that, the player will resume playback.

yodeck player keyboard

First of all, plug in a keyboard and hit Ctrl+Alt+F12.


Wait for 3-6 seconds , and a new screen will appear. A login name is required. Type the word ” user” and press the Enter key on your keyboard .


What password do I need to type now?

There are 2 options now:

Yodeck Order

If you have ordered a Yodeck player from our online purchasing wizard and just got your shipping package and want to use the WiFi wizard tool, please use the second option (2. Player has been already registered) instead.

1. Player has NOT been registered yet to a Yodeck account

If the player has not been registered yet to any account, use this password “signagepassword” ( without quotes ) and press the Enter key on your keyboard. Make sure you have downloaded the latest SD card image ( currently dated 2020-10-13 ).


2. Player has been already registered to a Yodeck account

If the player has already been registered to an account, log in to your account, go to the Monitor Advanced Settings tab and find the password in the Remote Support Password field as shown below in the ” How to find the Remote Support Password ” section.

Type that password by using the keyboard and press the Enter key.

Typing the Password

When you start typing the password, the password will not be displayed as hashed data (***) on your screen. In fact, it will seem like nothing is happening on your screen.
Keep typing the password and when you finish, press the Enter button on your keyboard.
In any Linux-based system, the passwords are not visible on the screen when you type them in the console.

It gives you a little bit of extra security by not displaying a bunch of asterisks. That way, someone who sees your screen can’t see the length of your password.

How to find the Remote Support Password

remote support password

You can find the Remote Support password in your player’s advanced settings in the Security tab. If the password is in this form “$6$3Q$gCw8FZAyVg….”, the password is hashed for security reasons. Do not copy-paste this text. You have to type the not hashed password that you have set earlier. If you do not remember the password you have set, re-type a new password and click “Save.” You will notice a Configuring message at the bottom of your screen. After that message disappears, try to initiate the WiFi Wizard one more time.

Configuration Wizard

Once you have successfully connected to your player with the temporary credentials provided above, if it’s an unregistered player or with the Remote Support Password for registered accounts, you will see the screen below.

Select the ” Configure WiFi ” option and press the Enter key on the keyboard. There are 3 other options on this screen such as ” Edit SETTINGS.TXT “, ” Reboot the player, ” and also ” Shutdown the player “.

configure WiFi

By selecting ” Configure WiFi “, the player will start scanning for the available WiFi networks.

configure WiFi

After the player finishes the scanning procedure, you will see all the available WiFi networks within the player’s range.

Choose the WiFi network of your choice and press the Enter key. You can also configure an Enterprise WiFi network as well.

For our example, I chose the “DS Wifi Wizard” network.

configure WiFi

Type the WiFi password and press the Enter key.

Special Characters

The ” @ ” and ” # ” symbols are not parsing properly from the keyboard input.

A quick workaround until we fix this issue is to use the below keyboard combinations to type the “@” and “#”.

  • @: < Shift > + < ” >
  • #: To type a special character, using an Alt keyboard sequence:
  1. Ensure that the Num Lock key has been pressed to activate the numeric key section of the keyboard.
  2. Press the Alt key, and hold it down.
  3. While the Alt key is pressed , type the number 35 (on the numeric keypad).
  4. Release the Alt key, and the character will appear.
  5. For more special characters, please check this link here .

We will release a hotfix in the next update releases.

configure WiFi

The player will attempt to connect to the selected Wireless network. If the WiFi credentials are correct, the player should connect without any issues.

configure WiFi

After a successful connection to the “DS WiFi Wizard”, you must enter the credentials you see on your screen ( as shown below: Wifi network name, Wifi Mode, Wifi Key, Network is Hidden, Checksum) in your account through the portal as well. Go to the Wireless Tab under the Monitors section in the Portal and type the credentials in the corresponding fields and click the “ Save” button.

configure WiFi

Portal’s WiFi Settings

If you do not enter the relative credentials on your account portal’s WiFi settings, the WiFi settings from the WiFi Wizard you have configured previously will be overwritten from the portal’s blank fields. The player will not be able to connect to your selected Wireless network.


Make sure that the Checksum is the same as your Portal’s WiFi Settings. In that way, you will be sure that the WiFi settings you have set on your account are correct.

By clicking the ” Yes ” option, the player will Save the WiFi settings and will start applying the new configuration. You will notice a blinking message ” Configuring ” while the player is applying its configuration. Do not reboot the player in this state. If the credentials are correct, the player should connect to the selected WiFi network and appear online on your dashboard after a while.

configure WiFi