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New Pro and Enterprise Plans now available!

New Pricing Plans

Woohoo! Forgive us for being just a little bit excited but we have good reason to be. Because Yodeck just got a huge update so we can serve your needs even better. That’s right, our brand new “Pro” and “Enterprise” plans are here!

And for this piece of good news you our customers owe yourselves a bit pat on the back. Why? Because our all new pricing plans are bringing new features that many of you having been asking for. You talked, we listened. And then we took action.

Yodeck Pro

So what’s in the Pro plan? In a nutshell, this plan is the ideal option for those of you that need to manage a large volume of content. It features Sub-Playlists; that is, the ability to add Playlists as items within other Playlists. We gave you this as a beta giveaway back in January, so if you like it and want to keep using it, you will need to upgrade soon. In our next release, we will also enrich the Pro plan with Media Tag-based Playlists.

Yodeck Enterprise

This one is for the power users among you. The Enterprise plan brings in a lot of security-related features. ‘Workspaces’ allow you to define compartments within your Yodeck account and place content and monitors therein, restricting user access as needed. This works great for complex access requirements, like combining centralized content management along with localized content management at each location. We also bring in ‘Two Factor Authentication’ to increase your security, as well as added support for SAML to provide Single Sign On (SSO) integration.

Yodeck Standard

Last but not least let’s not forget our entry-level Standard plan. You can be safe in the knowledge that the only thing standard about it, is that it is not standard! We will not be leaving it behind as far as updates go. We are constantly upgrading the experience across our plans and will be expanding the standard plan with new features that make sense for all users.

Start for free

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, our all singing, all dancing new Yodeck pricing plan family. Remember, all three plans are completely free when managing a single screen, so you can go ahead and dig in to give the new features a try. Then, when you are happy with the plan you feel suits you, select it and roll it out across your digital signage network.

Upgrade Now


  • Released new pricing plans, “Pro” and “Enteprise”, and migrated all account to the “Standard” plan.
  • Also, released Workspaces support, a feature under the “Enterprise” plan.
  • Released support for Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML under the “Enteprise” plan.
  • Released Two-Factor Authentication support (using Google Authenticator), a feature under the “Enterprise” plan.
  • We migrated the old User Permissions to the newly released Roles. Some migrations might not exactly match, so you might need to contact your administrator to assign the right Role to each User.
  • In case the predefined Roles is not an exact match for what you need, we released a new feature called Custom Roles to define Roles with different Permissions each. This is available under the “Enteprise” plan only.
  • We replaced LiveStreamer, the Open Source Software we use for live streaming, with Streamlink, which is much more up to date.
  • When adding a new Webpage, you no longer have to wait for the thumbnail generation to complete.
  • We added the 16:3 ratio (reference resolution: 1920×360) in the show editor
  • When using transparency and the “fit” option, we now remove the black bars from videos.
  • The software version of each Player is now displayed in the Status page of the Monitor.
  • By default, the location of the devices is now auto-detected based on the IP address of each device, if not set explicitly.
  • We now support the official DSI Raspberry Pi touchscreen.
  • We will soon be migrating to a new IP and network access list, so we incorporated checks in the status report to make sure the migration will be smooth for everyone.
  • We upgraded our infrastructure and also updated for better security.
  • Fixed a bug where the clock widgets failed if no timezone was set.
  • Expired Media are no longer downloaded to the device, even if used.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pixie image editor on IE11.
  • Fixed a bug with separator text in the RSS ticker, which failed if unicode characters were used.
  • We improved the usability in the backend dashboard for our Partners, making the “hijack” link accessible from within the User details or Account details.
  • We improved the way translations are handled, so that a) translators can work easier and b) make sure no Yodeck branding is used anywhere (important for Whitelabel Partners).
  • Users working as Staff for Partners no longer can alter other Staff Users.

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