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Software update: 4G LTE USB dongle support & more in V8 of Yodeck

4G LTE USB dongle support in V8 of Yodeck

Yes, you heard that right. Version 8 of Yodeck is here and with it comes 4G LTE USB dongle support, which means you can connect your digital signage solution virtually anywhere.

That’s not all we have in store for you this time round, however. Additionally there are enhancements in document support so you can now display all kinds of documents. Oh yes, and some key layout improvements in schedule editor to make your life that little bit easier.

Location, location, location!

With demands for digital signage constantly evolving, its important to be flexible. And more often than not, this means being able to install your digital signage solution in a wide variety of weird and wonderful places.

4G LTE USB dongle support

So what does 4G LTE USB dongle support mean? Simple. Now, as long as that location is in range of a mobile network, then you can connect your screens using a 4G/LTE USB dongle. Hurray! The two distinct advantages of delivering content via 4G LTE, are as follows:

  • You get a high bandwidth connection which does not require existing infrastructure such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This offers the flexibility to deploy signage anywhere with network coverage.
  • 4G LTE also provides a secure connection, enabling you to easily manage a large, multi-screen deployment project

Such an improvement is another reason to add to the argument of why more and more telcos, who offer mobile connectivity via 4G LTE USB dongle support, are moving into the digital signage arena. The majority of dongles available out there should work straight out of the box. If not, reach out and we can help you.

Use any kind of Document

Apart from the 4G LTE USB dongle support, your V8 of Yodeck also brings good news for using and displaying all forms of documents. You can now upload PowerPoint, Word and Excel files right into Yodeck, along with PDF files, also supported. The Player will show the documents as slides, page by page.

Use Priorities in Schedules

Also, we have change the layout of the schedule editor to make it even more useful. What do we mean? Well, now you now can see all entries in the right-hand list and reorder entries to specify which entry has priority over the other (for overlapping entries).

Behind the headlines

As usual, we’ve been busy beavering away behind the scenes and polishing up a few other smaller things. Check out the full release details below.


  • 4G LTE USB dongle support for Internet access (3G dongles also supported).
  • You can now upload PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel files. We renamed the “PDF” section to “Documents”.
  • Shows in a Schedule can now have priorities. We changed the Schedule editor to accommodate for reordering Show priorities.
  • Added connected WiFi Network Name and signal strength to the Monitor Status tab.
  • Added a Permission for preventing Users from clicking the “Push to Players?” button
  • Downloading content now stops if not finished and a new “Push” is initiated.
  • Add last uploaded flag for media so that files (images, videos, PDF …) don’t get redownloaded by the player just because their configuration (crop,duration …) has changed
  • Document uploads (PDF, PPT, DOC) now have a thumbnail from their 1st page.
  • Configuration improvements for enhanced TLS Security.
  • Fixed minor bug occurring when there was only 1 Player receiving a multicast stream.
  • Improved checks on translations, to avoid common mistakes made by translators.
  • Videos and Streams with significantly different DAR than their encoded resolution are now handled correctly.
  • Using the public IP of the connected Yodeck User on signup, the timezone is automatically selected.
  • You can now set the Player’s location to be “auto-detected”, using the public IP of the Player
  • Fixed a bug with YouTube video downloading that occurred in special cases.
  • A new ‘notifications’ is shown on the Portal during updates.
  • Added custom Javascript option for Partners to add their own tracking code.
  • Partners can now enforce (for all of their customers) all Playlists with Live Video Streams to always stay on top, to prevent issues with content licensing.

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