PosterMyWall integration for digital signage

Display PosterMyWall designs on your signage screens quickly and easily. Engage and delight customers, visitors and employees with stunning content templates that appear on screen in just a few clicks. Rely on our PosterMyWall integration for digital signage, and content creation becomes seamless.


Get the PosterMyWall integration for digital signage on your screens

  • First, click on ‘Apps’ in the Yodeck dashboard.
  • Then, select ‘Add App’, click on the ‘Business’ tab, and choose ‘PosterMyWall’.
  • Type the name you want to give the app in the ‘Name’ field.
  • Paste the iframe link for Yodeck that PosterMyWall generates for you.
  • Set the Default Duration that the app will appear in a Playlist.
  • Click ‘Save’, and you’re done.


How can our PosterMyWall
integration for digital signage help you?

Easy content creation

Now all your signage screens can look great in seconds. Our PosterMyWall integration for digital signage takes the guesswork out of designing and displaying flyers and posters, as well as menu boards and so much more. So you can focus on managing your shop, restaurant, school, office or hotel, while your digital signage runs itself. Also, just one copy & paste gets your designs on screens, amazing viewers, in seconds.

Save time and money

Get all your designing done in one place, without extra help or freelance expertise and expenses. Also, help your teams save time by easily editing and customizing designs, and then getting them on screen in seconds. In addition, with our app, you can display PosterMyWall files on hundreds of screens around the world, instantly. Remote screen management means great content, across the board, that you control centrally.

Engage your audience

Whether you want to make a sale or get vital information to the right people, great presentation helps get your message across. With our PosterMyWall integration for digital signage, you combine the power of creativity with technology that grabs people’s attention. Most importantly, you do all this affordably, easily and without needing any tech expertise.

Effortless updating

You don’t have to fuss with our app every time you edit or update your PosterMyWall templates. First, make any changes you need at PosterMyWall and then publish updates to your creations. The Yodeck iframe link you used when setting up our app stays the same. Most importantly, with our app your screens always show the most recent edition of your files.

Yodeck badges and awards

Yodeck is voted as the Leader in software digital signage for the year 2023 in multiple platforms as Capterra and G2.


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